Poseidon’s Revenge

On Sunday night we sat in our cockpit, drinking our sundowners toasting the glorious weather and the joy of being accomplished sailors in a safe anchorage. Little did we know our oversight in toasting King Poseidon would be a “wake-up” call the day after.

Arising in exposed anchorage isn’t anyone’s idea of a good morning….. and even less so when the winds go from 15kts to 30kts in an hour. From the time we pulled anchor to the time we raised the sails, the wind was in full effect- so were the seas, the current and unfortunately, the gusts.

We spent a wild day, riding Poseidon’s revenge- which consisted of 37kt sustained winds, 42kt gusts for 8 hours while we tacked back and forth trying to achieve a whopping 7 miles.

I would like to say that when we reached our targeted “protected anchorage” we dropped the hook for sundowners again and thanked the seas for their graciousness….. but alas, we had one last surprise in store from Poseidon.

After a whole evening of bone shaking 40kt winds through the rigging, wondering if our anchor and chain game will cope up; the coupe de Grace was the capsizing of our trusty dinghy and her workhorse outboard due to the severe winds. Spoiler alert: sea water isn’t favorable with a dinghy bath

I’ll end this post here- so you can hang on for more… but tune in next time for the adventures/pro-tips of rebuilding your outboard in the comfort of your cockpit with 30kt winds.

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